When planning a social Gatherings, or reception a good host wants his or her guests to feel at ease. Close-up "walk-around magic" is a great way for people to break the ice, as they all get to participate in the entertainment. Why not plan something different for your dinner guests this year. Blaine also offers a 40 minute floor show for dinners and club meetings.

​​But read what others have to say about Blaine and his brand of magic...
Above; the Magic Mentalist performs some close-up magic for a corporate meeting in Nashville. 

Right; Blaine is performing an after dinner mentalism floor show in Murfreesboro.

Below; Working a room full of conventioneers at a private party in Washington DC​​
Why hire Blaine Little, Magic Mentalist?

Whether your function is a company picnic, Church lock-in, or private party, your event will become that much more memorable when the UNEXPLAINED is present. Mentalism, cards and other close-up illusions will keep your guests with permanent smiles on their faces. They will thank YOU for putting them there!  Blaine Little, the "Magic Mentalist" brings excitement and wonder to any special event.
To book an appearance for a social gathering, or a workshop for small groups, contact Blaine at 615-513-6443 or email at
Magic Mentalist